Commercial demolition prepares a commercial space for remodeling, such as an office or warehouse. When companies are restructured or business needs change, changes to buildings often follow. We always put up barriers around the demolition site to contain dust and messes. We make sure to demolish everything that needs to go and then clean the site afterward, so building can begin in a timely manner.

When we complete a demolition, we commonly remove old baseboards, but we can also install new baseboards for our customers. You select the material, and we’ll trim and install it for you. This service is commonly needed when new windows or doors are installed, or when flooring is replaced. By having us replace baseboards, you may also save quite a bit of money in comparison to the fees a construction company, flooring company, or window and door company might charge.

Hardwood Floors

Don’t’ be fooled by the “demolition” title we are also a construction company. In addition to our demolition services, we also do remodels. During an extensive remodel, older flooring is usually removed and replaced. Many home or business owners decide to upgrade to hardwood floors from laminate for a more polished appearance and a higher quality floor. There are companies that specialize in flooring, but we’ve found that many of those companies focus on installation only, leaving removal out of the picture. This means you may still need a demolition service to remove the old flooring, and then you would likely pay a much higher price for their installation. Since our services are often needed to remove older flooring, we also decided to install hardwood for those who want it. Our craftsmanship is on par with flooring specialists while our prices offers savings.

Our Work

At Thor’s Hammer Demolition, we love a good demo. And what’s better than a good demo? Sharing it with friends! Because sharing is caring, we’ve created this page of before and after’s just for you.