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Thor’s Hammer –

Construction and demolition company.

CCB# 215402

If you’re searching for a reputable demolition company, chances are you want more than someone to knock holes in a few walls – you’re looking for a truly professional service to help save you time and money on your residential or commercial building project. In that case, welcome! You have just found most thorough demolition company in the metropolitan area of Portland, Oregon.

Our services include

Residential & Commercial Demolition * Siding * Window & Door Installation * Baseboard Trimming & Installation * Hardwood Installation, Sanding & Finishing, and more, call us to discuss.

When our team walks into a home or office, we understand that we’ve been hired to prepare that site for building.

That means no half-baked demo.

We know demolition is a messy process, but we come prepared to clean up afterward.

We will clear the area of debris and making sure the site is safe for whoever steps in next.

Thor’s Hammer Is a Licensed Residential and Commercial Contractor

Everyone at Thor’s Hammer is beyond grateful for all the enthusiasm and support we’ve received from the Portland builders community as well as all the home owners we’ve served. Thanks, everyone!

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